My interest in fabric, textiles and art began at an early age. My Mother ran a drapery business from our home and my Dad sold singer sewing machines. As a child I spent hours sketching and designing costumes. Surrounded by beautiful fabrics, sewing machines and all the tools of the trade made it easy for me to develop and expand my interest in fabric art design. Later on I studied art and textile design in an art collage in South Wales, Britain.

I've lived in Sooke for nineteen years and find an endless source of inspiration every time I venture outside. Living in paradise is a gift which enables me to create. My surroundings nurture my creative soul, leaving the space for my unique ideas to flow. Often, I have no idea what will materialize as I begin working on a piece. What may begin as a wall hanging might end up a bag or evening wear, the mystery is part of the fun for me.

I opened the Studio on Whiffen Spit May, 2009 where I sell my fabric art. I encourage people to phone and make an appointment to visit and explore the Studio.

I also make and sell educational dolls for medically challenged children.

email Phyllis, phone (250) 642 - 2937 or visit her website

The Studio On Whiffen Spit
1575 Whiffen Spit Road
Sooke B.C. V9Z0T4







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