My earliest art training came from my parents. My father was a Renaissance man – architect, wood worker, photographer, stone mason and public speaker. My mother was a teacher and weaver. Our life on the land connected me deeply to the seasons and beauty of nature and instilled in me a reverence for all living things. Today, the sacred as seen in the natural world is the primary source of inspiration for my art.

As a girl I learned to sew and made my own clothes. As a teen I learned to spin and weave, experiencing the tactile joy of working with fibres. When I progressed into making art it was natural I would choose materials I understood and had a passion for.

In addition to art that hangs on a wall and feeds the soul, I am drawn to functional art that enhances everyday activities. Using textiles and fibres, I have created many pieces: book covers, tea cozies, cushion covers, wearable art, thread sketches and quilted wall hangings. I’m currently exploring new expressions with yarn.

As a founding member of Fibres & Beyond I have experienced the energy and sense of community generated when artists encourage and inspire one another and work toward a common goal. I cherish the bond we have as a group of women artists.

In addition to textile and fibre as media for my art, I explore photography, writing, storytelling, singing, harping, and gardening.

My art can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, Japan and Australia.

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