I was born and raised in Victoria, I am of Scottish-Irish ancestry. I love the west coast and find it a never-ending source of inspiration for my art work.
I have always been involved in the textile arts and only lately have I discovered that my true passion is making art doll figures.
The call of the seasons and the ever changing natural world present to me a deep desire to connect with the creative process, using Celtic studies, shamanism and folklore as inspiration for my cloth figures.
My studio is like an archeological dig as you tunnel your way in through the fabrics, beads, paints, bones, shells, stones, dried foliage and all kinds of wonderful thrift store finds. The pieces are usually needle-sculpted and lightly painted. I use a lot of fine linens that are so often cast aside and I hope that I am preserving them for others to enjoy.
I have participated in "The Goddess Works" at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, where we honoured women as the traditional gatherers, healers and spiritual leaders. My pieces "Emerging" and "Our Roots Go Down" were selected for the International Woman's Day exhibits. I was amoung twelve fabric artists chosen to be the guest artists at the "Filberg Festival" in Comox Valley. 
My work resides in private collections in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada.

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16 - 6579 Throup Rd.
Sooke BC Canada
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