I have always had a special attachment to textiles beginning with making clothes for my dolls, sewing my own wardrobe, traditional baby quilts and finally, creating my own line of wearable art.

In 1995, leaving behind my career as a Corporate Librarian, I realized a dream by studying Textile Art at Capilano College in North Vancouver, B.C.  After completing my diploma, our family moved to Victoria in 1997 where I was happy to be able to set up a studio and begin exploring textile art while raising our two sons.

My primary interest is designing one-of-a-kind wearable art, using the “faux chenille” technique. I use rayon, so the pieces are sensually textured, and drape any figure beautifully. The clothing I create, using my own design, range from a variety of accessories, vests, and jackets to full-length coats. I have been selling my wearable art in Victoria and in some select galleries in the U.S. since introducing my work at the “Out of Hand” craft show in Victoria in 1998.

However, after 13 years in the world of wearable art, I find myself also drawn to art quilts. My first small art quilts are based on using my husband's photography printed onto fabric.  I then embellish the photo with free motion quilting or use the photo as a source material. As a recurring theme, I find myself inspired by the natural world from a spiritual perspective. I am excited about the endless possibilities in the world of art quilts. I also belong to Surface Design Association, Vancouver Island, where I am exposed to other processes and materials. 

Judy Seeley


Contact Judy Seeley at
1030 Ferncliffe Place
Metchosin BC V9C 3X9







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