I have always loved fabric and I find the endless possibilities presented by a piece of fabric to be exciting and stimulating. Of course, daydreaming takes you only so far and eventually decisions must be made and that oh so interesting piece of fabric cut into.

My present technique uses recycled woolen fabrics and has several advantages for me. I am able to reuse fabric and give new life to cast-off garments. The colours and fabrics I find present challenges of type, size, and colour that must be dealt with as I create something new from something old.
As I work with a collage of shape and colour, the process expresses my thoughts, emotions and interests as I cut, clip, press and sew pieces of fabric together always keeping in mind that the end product will be a garment—elegant, wearable and unique.
As a member of Fibres & Beyond I have participated in  Consider the Lilies Shows in St. Mary's Anglican church in Metchosin as well as attending Filberg Festival as guest artists in 2005.
A life long sewer I have studied tailoring at Olds College and art history at the University of Edmonton. My present work combines my interests in clothing construction and my love of art.

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