Fibres & Beyond is a women’s art textile co-operative

based on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  The

accomplished group of eleven was founded in 2002 as a

way to support and challenge these artists working with

surface design, fibre, fabric and mixed media.  The work

created by this co-operative ranges in dimension, varying

in scale from tiny soft sculpture to large wall pieces. 


The makers of this eclectic and colourful work paint, sew,

embroider, hook, dye, felt, wrap and stretch all fibres.

From wool, silk & cotton, to seaweed, recycled garments

& found items – all is put to use in their whimsical,

functional, or decorative art.






Our members consist of: 

Linda Danielson, Gail Erickson, Joy Garnett, Judy Seeley,

Mary Wolfe, Irm Houle, Phyllis Lysionek, Elizabeth Tanner,

Joan Taylor, Jessie Taylor Dodd, Stephanie Saleem and Isabel Tipton.


Please feel free to contact us anytime with inquiries

regarding the F&B group, gallery shows, or the wonderful

world of fibre!





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